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America Writers is an exciting initiative designed to encourage a love for creative writing. Around 2 million children have been involved from schools across the UK in the America Writers Creative Writing Program for Schools and we’re hoping to make this 5 million by the next summer. We have always been passionate about encouraging and inspiring new writing talent, particularly among young people. Showing students and people of all ages throughout the rest of the UK that creative writing is an exciting and powerful way to increase your literacy skills, enhance your capacity for self-expression and give you the confidence to achieve anything.

Schools register to become America Writers member schools so that their students, parents and teachers can benefit from free entry to the America Writers Awards. Membership for all Special Needs schools is still free of charge and we continue to place a special emphasis on involving parents, families and the wider community.

Once your school’s membership is confirmed you will be able to access a wide range of downloadable resources provided by our partner charity, The Word Academy and services such as help with special creative writing projects.

As a America Writers member school, your students, parents and teachers will benefit from this fantastic creative writing program and receive:

- A range of Creative Writing Lesson Plans for Key Stages 1-4

- A set of ‘How To’ articles on writing tips for children and adults

- A series of inspirational features and activities for children and parents

- Support in the delivery of special creative writing projects

- Visiting authors who will run creative writing workshops involving students and parents

- Support and guidance in publishing a book showcasing your students work

- Support in managing internal writing competitions & special certificates at recognition events

- Free entry for all students, parents and teachers to the America Writers’ Awards.

- And many more new resources and services coming soon…

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. If your school is not already a member, simply complete the online. Once your application has been verified, you will be sent a membership number which you can use to complete your schools membership.

“At the Royal Blind School we took a multi-sensory approach to creative writing to help inspire pieces for the America Writer’s Awards. As most of our pupils do not have the visual stimulus for writing we bombarded their senses with an array of sounds, smells, tastes and objects to touch that would help them produce ideas for fantastic creative pieces. We are now all crossing our fingers and hoping that we get to attend the awards ceremony as winners of the national competition!”

If you have any questions, please email our Schools Team.



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