America Writers Awards Creative Writing 2012-09-18T18:01:52Z WordPress Garth <![CDATA[Martin Baum]]> 2012-09-18T18:01:52Z 2012-09-18T18:01:52Z As a best-selling, self-published author, Martin’s expertise in marketing and self-promoting To Be or Not To be, Innit, a Yoof-Speak Guide to Shakespeare resulted in national and international headlines which saw his book break into the UK Amazon top 10.

Amongst many highlights whichcame as a result, Martin was signed by celebrated theatrical producer Greg Smith – Jolson,Buddy and Great Balls of Fire -to write a musical adaptation of the book.

Following his seminal radio series 60 Second Book Break – specifically written and produced for first-time authors -Martin has since become an acknowledged literary Agony Unclehelping writersthrough the self-publishing and self-promoting process.

In addition to writing and media work, Martin writes a current affairs blog from his beach hut; News and Views from the Hut.

Garth <![CDATA[A thank you message from America Writers CEO…]]> 2012-09-18T17:52:35Z 2012-09-18T17:48:12Z I am the author of several books, including When The Sky Is Blue.  I am also the Founder, President & CEO of Reach & Teach Association and the Co-Founder of Trezvant Academy. I am a proud mother and entrepreneur.
I hold a Master’s degree in Education from Belhaven University where I specialized in Curriculum and Instruction.  I also obtained a BA degree with a Field Major in Psychology, Education, and Sociology from Wichita State University.   Prior to founding Reach & Teach Association and Trezvant Academy I served as an Elementary and Middle School teacher for over 15 years and a Community College Instructor for over 8 years.  I have made countless presentations to many diverse groups.

I was inspired by the creator of all things to write both books.  I was also inspired by my daughter, family, friends, co-workers, and employees.  I wanted to create something that would inspire, motivate, and encourage the masses.

Anyone in the workforce or entering the workforce should read “When The Sky Is Blue”  because it reveals secrets to getting along in the workplace and all aspiring and veteran teachers should read “Before The Bell Rings” because it will inspire the aspiring teacher, while motivating and encouraging the veteran teacher.

I started writing in 2010 and I plan to continue writing as long as the ideas continue to come to me.

Never give up on yourself or your dream!  You can really do ANYTHING!!!!  Believe in yourself and know that you are special and you have a purpose in this life!!  To contact me for speaking engagements I can be reached at

Thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview!

Garth <![CDATA[America Writers Awards Endorsement From Donald R. Schmitt]]> 2012-09-18T17:41:32Z 2012-09-18T17:41:32Z Book titles:
America Writers Awards Endorsement From Donald R. Schmitt
Together by Jean-Michel Leclercq and Gwen Dubeau

Tell us about yourself -
I am a writer from Massachusetts in the United States.

I enjoy writing many different genre, my favorites are fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

I am also a photographer, taking pictures of landscape, nature, objects and people.

I have always enjoyed putting pictures and words together bringing the inspiration for the two books.

“Inspired Thoughts” is written and photographed by me. “Together” is a collaboration with a French

photographer and friend, Jean-Michel Leclercq, who’s photography really inspires me.

Why have you written your book?
I wrote “Inspired Thoughts” to share my curiosity and love for nature found around me. I have always loved

landscapes and being outdoors, the images help drive the poetry within this book.

I wrote “Together” as a collaboration with Jean-Michel Leclercq after seeing his beautiful photographic work.

His lovely images have a tender quality and French flair that inspired my words about friendship and love.

Who should read your book and why?
The books could be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates nature, color, artistic photographs and poetry. Both of the books have been written to reflect the meaning behind the photographs with heartfelt verse. I have shared feelings and thoughts that many can relate with and hope it brings comfort and joy to the readers.

Tell us more about yourself. How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I have been writing most of my life, having two poems published in a local newspaper at age 11.

I enjoy writing as it is a great escape and combines my love for photography and words.

In the future, I hope to create and sell more books. I am working towards publishing a collection of poetry about life and love. I would like to reach my full potential as a writer and poet and continue to strive to do so.

What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?
Writing much like many art forms, is a gift to be embraced and sharpened until one reaches their personal goals.

I plan to do just that while having fun, learning and inspiring others, as so many have done for me.

Writing has brought me much joy and I hope the books will do the same for you.

I give big thanks to all those who support me and keep me inspired to be the writer I have always wanted to be.

Garth <![CDATA[Joe-Joe & Biscuit Bill Written By Renee Hand]]> 2012-09-18T17:54:09Z 2012-09-18T17:29:55Z Tell us about yourself
I’m a children’s author of an amazing mystery series that encourages children to read by incorporating several topics of interest. The reader must participate into the story in order to solve the case. I am an award-winning author, educator, and tennis pro. I have been writing for over twenty-five years and have been a published author for 9 years. In that time, I have written over 10 books with 3 more coming out this year alone.  I have won 5 awards for my books as well. I’m also a book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books as well as for various publishers and authors which I post on my blog at . I’m also a national radio host for my show Stories From Unknown Authors
This is a platform that helps promote the unknown author by sharing to the world their new books. For more information about my books check out my website at

Why have your written this book?
Because I wanted to touch the hearts and lives of children everywhere by creating stories that will help them learn about animals, history, art, nature and science. This book is book 3 in The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill Adventure Series. This series is my animal detective series where the reader learns about school topics in a fun and interactive way. These books are great to use in the classroom and fit the national standards in the science area. The first two books available are The Great Pie Catastrophe (about animal tracks) and Mineral Mischief (about rocks and minerals).  My soon to be released third book in this series, The Secret of the Missing Arch, is about weather, erosion, and art. The town of Acorn Valley is a buzz with the news of an art fundraiser at the elementary school that will help local animals in need who lost their homes because of inclement weather. With the whole town getting involved, famous area artists like Claude Monet Mongoose, Georgia O’ Giraffe, Vincent Van Goat, and Pablo Picasso Peacock all attend so they can each auction off a weather painting coinciding with the fundraising theme. It isn’t until Dr. Ced E. Meant’s presentation at the Metropolitan Museum before the event where, during a presentation where he discusses his findings concerning the erosion of some area parks, he discovers his research has been stolen, which contains information the world would be interested in knowing. At the fundraising event, truth’s unfold that will baffle detectives Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill leading them to suspects they never thought could have committed the crime. Will they be able to solve the case before Dr. Ced E. Meant’s research goes global?

Who should read your book and why?
This book is more of a chapter book so it is perfect for children who are excellent 2nd grade readers up to 4th and 5th graders.  There really is a broad range for this book and its topics help it to be used in many ways by teachers, parents and librarians. My style of writing and the topics I’ve chosen are fun and unique. Reluctant readers will love the books as well as children who love science and nature.

Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I’ve been writing for over 25 years. I have written picture books as well as two kinds of mystery series’. The first is an interactive mystery series for 4th graders and up into middle school. These books are new and innovative mysteries that keep the reader apart of the story in many ways while learning more about history and science. The readers will solve cryptograms and other puzzles in these books. The next is my Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill Adventure Series, which I have already talked about and mentioned above. My soon to be August released picture book, What Would You Do If You Were Left At The Zoo? Is a great story children are going to love and have fun with. My children are my inspiration for this soon to be series where I am putting my zoology degree to work. My boys will periodically be my co-authors in this series and will help teach children about having fun while learning about animals and nature. Not only that, but spending quality time together with family.

My plans for the future is to keep producing wonderful, inspiring, and unique books that children will be able to connect with and will love reading over and over again for years to come.

What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?
I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my books. Writing is a true passion for me, and if I inspire at least one child with my stories, then I have done my job as a writer. I write for my own pleasure, but teaching and educating today’s youth by creating inspiring and innovative literature that is truly unique and enjoyable, is important to me. I want to make a difference in a child’s life as well as in the children’s chapter book market. I feel I have done that with my wonderful mysteries. To learn more about my books please check out my website at

Garth <![CDATA[Interview with Derick Hudson]]> 2012-09-18T17:13:25Z 2012-09-18T17:13:25Z Tell us about yourself
I’m a native of Davenport, Iowa, though I currently reside in Missouri. The youngest of three, I dreamed of becoming a writer someday. I always had a book in my hand. I love to read. I graduated from Assumption High School in 1975 and married my husband Robert in 1976. After my mother became terminally ill, we moved to Missouri to help my dad take care of her until she passed.

Why have your written this book?
While employed with a local daily newspaper, my forgotten dream to write became a reality after my sister prodded me to do so. She said I wrote very well. I published my first novel, Chasing Memories, in 2006 and my second, Shades of Blue, in 2007.  My sister, a former journalism teacher, encouraged me and edited them throughout the process. In early 2008, realizing my publisher was not as honest as I had originally thought them to be I severed ties with them, regained my copyrights and republished those two novels in 2008, finishing out the series in 2009 with the publication of Crystal Clear.

Who should read your book and why?
My books are standalones, yet together they have formed a very nice series about three women, the troubles they encounter, and how God helps them through their times of need and restores their happiness. Through our faith and perseverance, we can accomplish great things and God has a plan for all of us and will never put us through more than we can handle. It’s because of the troubled times that we grow stronger. We are here to learn.

Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I am currently working on a new series of mystery suspense novels, with the first titled Justifiable Vengeance. I am also a volunteer partner with Books In Sync, a promotional service for authors. I am also in charge of designing, formatting and publishing the quarterly magazine, Cold Coffee Writer’s Magazine, which we put out to further promote our authors and their books. It’s a challenge but I do enjoy putting it all together from start to end.
I have interviewed some well-known authors such as Lenora Worth, Lena Nelson Dooley and Gail Gaymer Martin, and also singer/songwriter, Amanda Abizaid, who sang the theme songs for the hit TV shows, The 4400, Charmed and Smallville.

I hope you will enjoy reading my books. I’ve had many good reviews and have been asked to continue the series. I am considering it. I recently republished the three-book series into one book, titled The Memory Box and it’s now available at Amazon in print and kindle.
Visit my website at today!

Garth <![CDATA[Relentless – The Search For Typhoid Mary]]> 2012-09-14T09:15:05Z 2012-09-14T09:15:05Z Tell us about yourself
Over the years I have written 20 some odd books across a broad spectrum and close to 40 short stories. I started serious publishing (with big conventional publishers like Doubleday and Hay House) as the co-author of Suzy Prudden’s books on fitness. When I semi-retired I decided not to write for anyone else any more. I published my first novel, “The Provenance” a rescue story based on a real accident in New York. I followed that with a medical thriller called, “Tranquillity Initiative” which I have since renamed “The Initiative,” about an anthrax attack on New York. The first time I competed in the Write a Novel In A Month competition I wrote “Relentless: The Search for Typhoid Mary,” one of the great medical mysteries of all time. I followed that with “The President’s Dirty Little Secret,” another medical thriller with a political edge. I am now working on another rescue story called “The Bridge” which I expect to release in late July.
I love writing, it’s the way I relate to the world. I love the plots, the characters and the situations. I love taking on difficult concepts and simplifying them. Because I was a New York City Paramedic I love rescue stories and I’m fascinated with medical issues. I started writing when I was eight and I’ve always found it to be my preferred method of communication. Talking is way more difficult for me…which is a good thing because I’m also an introvert.

Why have your written this book?
“Relentless: The Search for Typhoid Mary” is based on the true story of Mary Mallon the first known typhoid carrier, a terrible killer disease that raised havoc across the world up until 1906. The story takes place at the beginning of microbiology as a science and the search as described by Dr. George Soper is simply riveting. I’ve read his report in JAMA and it requires no embellishment to capture your imagination. Of and by itself it’s a great story.
I took that basic story and added Mary – who was never given a voice by Soper or anyone else. I gave her a voice. I turned her into the strong, ambitious, courageous woman she was. She came to America as a 15 year old. Researched the best opportunities in domestic service for herself and trained herself to be an excellent cook – good enough to cook for New York’s richest families. She was totally persecuted by the New York Department of Health because she was a minority (Irish), a woman and unattractive. She fought the New York government every inch of the way. She has an integrity that is amazing. In this story I took one of the great villains of all time and gave her dignity and courage and, while you may not agree with every one of her decisions, no one can meet Mary without respecting her as a human. I truly came to love Mary.
I also explored turn of the last century New York with its teeming tenements contrasting with its great mansions – the days in which New York still had outdoor plumbing and public baths, coal water flats and coal burning stoves. When the streets ran with horse manure and the world was a much more filthy environment.

Who should read your book and why?
The biggest reason to read this story is because it’s riveting. Just think germ theory had just been introduced. The materials they used to confirm their theories about humans being the originators of the disease hadn’t been invented when Soper began his investigation. The second reason is because the characters are amazing. Soper the persecuter with a decided lack of social skills; a kind of medical Jesuit – Mary, Soper’s metaphorical devil – a proud, determined woman who wants to be able to support herself by using her hard-earned skills. Mary is just as strong as Soper, but he has the government – acting illegally – behind him. There are so many issues that carry forward to today.

Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I come from a writing family. My mother, Bonnie Prudden, was the best selling author of 33 books. My sister, Suzy Prudden, is the best selling author of 15 books – five of them I co-authored. I’m the only novelist in the family. I intend to write a novel or two a year for the rest of my life. It’s what I love to do. As I mentioned I’m working on “The Bridge” which addresses one possible outcome if America continues to ignore its infrastructure.

What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?
I’m also writing a blog at “” which is about how to get published on the digital sites. I’m in love with the digital sites (Kindle, Nook & Smashwords). I can publish a book in five minutes not wait for two years which happens when the publishers bring a book out. I get 70% of the profits not 7%. I don’t have arguments over covers. If I make a mistake I can fix it AND my book is on the web in perpetuity. Either way – big publisher or self-publisher – I’m going to have to market my own book so I might as well take the advantages as well as the profits. I’ve written two other books about writing “The Character Book” and “How To Write A Book That Positions You As An Expert In Your Field” I have at least one more book on writing I’m thinking about and I have dozens of novels to complete.

Garth <![CDATA[Romance With Donna Alward]]> 2012-09-14T09:07:19Z 2012-09-14T09:06:31Z Tell us about yourself.
I’m a full-time writer and mom who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have a degree in English Literature with a minor in Psychology, and after getting my arts degree I took some computer courses – this is making me feel old but when I was in school we didn’t have computers in the classroom (and I definitely didn’t have one at home!). I worked for the provincial government for a while, got married, moved out west, and worked for an engineering firm until my first child came along. Once I was home with the kids, I started writing again with an eye towards publication. It began as a type of therapy after a bout of Postpartum Depression, but then I was hooked on writing romances.  They’re really about hope, you know, and I think the world can always use more of that.  Four years ago we moved back to the east coast, and I’m still juggling writing with being wife and mom.

Why have your written this book?
I tend to gravitate towards “issues” in my books, so when my editor suggested writing a duet, I knew I wanted to write something different from anything I’d done before. Both books in the duet deal with a women’s shelter in the fictional town I created. I felt like it was an important message to send: that even after a person has been through something really terrible, they can still find happiness again.

With THE REBEL RANCHER, I also found I had something to say about what makes a hero. Tyson’s character was a joy to write. He was gentle, patient, loyal, and steadfast. All qualities that Clara needed, without a lot of flash and bluster. He’s an everyday guy who turned out to be quiet extraordinary, I think.

Who should read your book and why?
It is a romance novel, so fans of heart-warming, emotional love stories for sure. I write a lot of westerns for the Harlequin Romance line, though I think my style has a slightly different take on it – definitely a contemporary feel. Anyone who likes an emotional story with an uplifting ending – and I always encourage non-romance readers to give my books a try. You never know when you might be pleasantly surprised by a genre you don’t usually read.

Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I think I’ve been writing since I first picked up a pencil, to be honest, but I started pursuing publication in 2001. I wrote for five years (and about 10 novels) before selling my first book, and I’ve currently written over two dozen novels that have been published or are currently in production. This year I’m nominated for a RITA® award, which is like the Oscars for our industry, and that’s super exciting.  Plans for the future? Keep writing. I can’t imagine ever retiring. I love what I do.

What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?
Don’t ever let anyone discourage you from your dreams. Just set your eye on the prize and go for it.  People will tell you you’re crazy or that the odds are against you. I always looked at it as – well, someone has to be that one or two percent who sell from the slush pile. Why not me? And here I am. It took putting in a lot of work and a lot of persistence, but it was absolutely worth it.

Garth <![CDATA[Belva Rae Staples Author of Tide Walker]]> 2012-09-14T09:08:46Z 2012-09-14T08:58:19Z Tell us about yourself
I live on a beautiful island off the coast of Maine. Visiting it requires a ferry boat ride. It is not the kind of life everyone on the planet would enjoy because it takes advanced planning. Living on an island is inconvenient and expensive, but it has other advantages that far outweigh all of that. It is the sort of place that allows time for quiet reflection and being somewhat introverted, I find that to be a valuable commodity. The scenery alone oozes inspiration. If a person can’t write here, they can’t write.

I am a wife, mother, and a grandmother of five with two more on the way. I have been involved in the lobster industry for twenty-seven years with my husband, Joe.  We fish the waters around this island we call home in our 36 foot lobster boat: The Fifth Day. It is a physically demanding job, but I love it. Every day provides some new challenge.

I also enjoy big game hunting. I’ve been blessed to go on several moose hunts. There is nothing to compare with hunting North America’s largest game animal. It gets the adrenaline pumping.

I have been involved in my local church for decades. I’ve taught Sunday school, Adult classes, and even done some preaching. For a lot of years, I was a church jack-of-all-trades.

Why have your written this book?

Tide Walker: The Kriterion Saga is the second book in the series, so I should backtrack a bit and start with the first book entitled: The Kriterion Saga: The World Between. That book came as a result of an inspiring sermon I listened to a couple of years ago. The core message contained in the sermon involved pursuing your dreams. At the time, I didn’t think I had one. As I continued listening, the one thing that came into my mind was: you need to write a book. The next day as I was working aboard our boat, names of characters began floating into my mind.  I knew finding the time to write would pose a significant problem, but I forced myself to carve out the time for it. As I sat before the keyboard, I had no real plan. I simply started typing and it all came together as the characters began interacting. Out of the mayhem came a magical tale.

I think the main reason for writing this series is to fill what I have come to view as a void. I would classify these books as Christian/Inspirational fantasy. I don’t see much of this in the marketplace and I think it is needed. My books are not ‘preachy’ and I’m not about to beat people over the head with a Bible. That is not my style and personally I don’t think it is well received. If I don’t like something, I certainly wouldn’t presume to inflict it on someone else. I strive to present entertainment with a strong moral message. Christian teachings are woven into the fabric of the stories without being blatantly obvious, but they are there if you know how to look for them. Both Christians and non-Christians can enjoy these on a surface level, but under the surface lurks deeper meaning.

Who should read your book and why?

Anyone over the age of 12 could read this series with no trouble.  I think it would be a great family read aloud and could spur some interesting discussions. Certainly fantasy lovers will enjoy it. Those seeking a wholesome, yet thought provoking tale filled with strange creatures, talking animals, and angelic beings will be captivated.

Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?

I used to do some writing as a teenager, but shelved it. I moved on with life and life moved me away from writing. Except for an occasional poem and church play, I did no writing for decades. I came up with every imaginable excuse not to write.

I finally began again after that sermon that jarred me out of my little comfort zone. In the last two years, I’ve tried to make up for lost time. I’ve written two novels and am working on the third in the series. I began doing a blog which features poems, short stories, and serials. I’ve become addicted to this and try to post something almost every day.

After I finish the third book in The Kriterion Saga series, I plan to take a serial from my blog called: Myrtle Watson’s Secret Admirer and expand it to a full length mystery/suspense novel.

You can visit my blog at

What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?

Never, ever give up on your dreams. Instead, move toward them and do all you can do to make them happen. Use your God-given talents to the best of your ability and don’t be afraid to work at it. Don’t hide your talent by allowing it to stay dormant. The world needs what you have, so don’t be a stingy miser with it. Stir it up, shine it up, and let it show.

Garth <![CDATA[American Writers’ Award Endorsement by Lee R. Mandel]]> 2012-09-14T08:46:07Z 2012-09-14T08:46:07Z Tell us about yourself.
This is always a difficult question, as I have no fascination with myself. I’ll give you a rap sheet:
James David Thompson. Born October 16, 1964. Greenup County KY
6 feet, 0inches tall
180 lbs—medium/heavy build.
Blue eyes
Gray hair
Distinguishing marks: Tattoos from shoulder to elbows on both arms. Large tattoo on chest, left side. Sharp instrument puncture scars on left chest, left shoulder, and left calf. Faded scars through both eyebrows.Walks with slight limp.
Resides in Helsinki, Finland
No felony convictions.
Served in U.S. Army—medical discharge for fractured hip.
Worked at a number of jobs, mostly heavy construction (former AFL-CIO member) and nightclub work, bouncer and bartender.
Master’s degree from University of Helsinki
Author of five published novels.Three of them in the U.S. and internationally. Two published only in Finland.
Co-author of educational book, teaching English to adult Finnish learners.
Currently employed as full-time author.

Why have your written this book?

Why do I write any book? I love writing and existing in my fictional world. I assume you mean my latest novel, Helsinki White. The seed of the idea planted itself when Newsweek declared Finland the best country on the planet in which to live. Finland has severe social problems and experiences or is about to experience the same economic breakdown that the U.S. has experienced, and for many of the same reasons. Mostly greed on the part of powerbrokers, but unlike the U.S., also mismanagement of the European Union. And racist issues have come to play a major part in Finnish politics. Simply put, I wrote the book because I thought it needed to be done, and if I didn’t write it, no one else would.

Who should read your book and why?
After living in Finland for fifteen years, I’m considered a Nordic author.In fact, Finland’s internationally bestselling crime writer. My writing is dark noir. Pitch black noir, some say. If you like Nordic noir, odds are good you’ll enjoy my work. If you like feel-good cozies, my novels probably aren’t for you.

Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I made my first bungling attempts at writing fiction in 1994. It was quite many years before I showed my work to anyone, and then I started attending writers’ groups. I did absolutely nothing to get myself published. My career began with a conversation in a bar. Although I didn’t know it, the chat was with a managing editor from Northern Europe’s largest publisher. He requested a manuscript, and within a short time, we had a multi-book deal. The future: Some of my books have been optioned for film. I’m co-screenwriter. I also write essays and reviews. I’m also managing editor of Helsinki Noir, an upcoming book in the series by Akashic. I’m enjoying writing my Inspector Vaara crime series. I’d like to stick with it for a while.

If what you read doesn’t leave you shaken, expose the world to you in a unique way that makes you re-evaluate what you think you know about life, you may have had a few hours of entertainment, but you’ve cheated yourself out of the chance to grow as a person.

James Thompson is an established author in Finland. His novel, Snow Angels, the first in the Inspector Vaara series, was released in the U.S. by Putnam, marking his entrance into the international crime fiction scene. Booklist named it one of the 10 best debut crime novels of 2010, and it was nominated for the Edgar, Anthony, and Strand Critics awards. His second Vaara novel, Lucifer’s Tears, released in March 2011, earned starred reviews from all quarters, and was named one the best novels of the year by Kirkus. The third in the series, Helsinki White, was released on in early 2012 to critical acclaim.

Garth <![CDATA[Catfish Joe By Carol Ann]]> 2012-08-28T15:27:43Z 2012-08-28T15:27:43Z Tell us about yourself  – I am a multi-genre writer, poems, comedy and drama. I like dealing with the spirit in all I do.  The books I have written, are 1) Poems of Thunder (Noir&Whimsy). 2) Catfish Joe & Double, Double, Toil & Trouble and 3) La Gitana.  My comedy and featured book, Catfish Joe is a comedic character study of a tender, and rough street preacher and former boxer. A man of  philosophy, and  auditing student @ U. Penn, he has opinions on every subject from Nietche to fat women’s asses which “discombobulate” him.  He is damned funny, original, and kind. My books, under the name, “Carol Ann” are on and Barnes &

Why have your written this book – To bring a vital, alive and bombastic creation to light.  And because my life sucks.  Ha! Mainly the latter.  In literature, you can have it “My Way” as Sinatra oft sings.

Who should read your book and why?  People who like comedy and can’t stand Russian writers should read my book.  Though Joe is black, his character has universal appeal.

Tell us more about yourself – How long have you been writing and what are your plans for the future as an author?  One thing I hate is telling about myself.  If I could avoid it I would.  My plans are to gradually market my books.  And to be deliriously happy like a cat with colored ribbons.

What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?  Go forth, Pilgrim.