Tell us about yourself?
I’m a physician (specialties of Internal Medicine and Aviation Medicine) in the United States Navy. I’ve had a long career in the military and will be retiring next year. Moryak is my first attempt at writing fiction and I’m truly honored that it received the Grand Prize for fiction at the Santa Fe Creative Arts Council literary competition in 2010.

Why have your written this book?
My interests are history and writing. I am a published military historian and I am a frequently invited history lecturer. Particular areas of interest for me are the age of Theodore Roosevelt, World War I, and the Russian Revolution. Writing Moryak, a work of historical fiction, enabled me to create a story that incorporated all of these interests.

Who should read this book and why?
Moryak will appeal to anyone who enjoys detailed historical fiction. In particular, people who are interested in the United States Navy, espionage, and the events leading up to World War I and the Russian Revolution , will really enjoy this book. The book has been praised for its attention to historical detail.

Tell us more about you – How long have you been writing for and what are your plans for the future as an author?
I’ve only been writing for the past fifteen years. I started with historical journal articles, in addition to writing for medical journals. I’m currently working on another novel that tales place around World War II. I also have several other history projects in the works.

What would you like to say to whoever is reading this right now?
Keep turning the pages! Consistent feedback I’ve gotten from readers is that they really enjoyed parts one and two, but they absolutely loved part three. The book also has quite a dramatic ending!


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